Small Translation Challenges

Every now and then I translate an article for Tlaxcala from German into English because we do not have so many people who translate in this direction (English to German translators, on the other hand, are ten a penny). Thus I have just translated an excellent article by Moshe Zuckermann, Von Stiftungen und Anstiftern, on […]

Shenanigans, Schenigeleien and Schwindeleien

Recently, Fausto Guidice asked the German translators of Tlaxcala whether one could translate shenanigans with Schenigeleien instead of Schwindeleien or whether this word would mean nothing for most readers. On that occasion he has also taken us on a linguistic-cultural excursion. In the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the definition of shenanigans is thus: 1 secret […]

The First Word War

Tlaxcala and Palestine Think Tank have launched a brilliant essay initiative, the First Word War. This initiative aims to deconstruct the terms and phrases used by the hasbara propagandists to influence the public discourse of the Israel Palestine conflict. The main initiator, Mary Rizzo, puts it thus in her introductory essay “Reclaiming Significance“: “Fighting the […]

Translators’ Collective Tlaxcala

Not so long ago I joined Tlaxcala, the translators’ network for linguistic diversity. They group defines itself as a group of multilingual alternative translators dedicated to peace and equality among peoples. In the short time since I have been a member I have already translated a number of really interesting articles on political, social and […]