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English slang: to top someone

Despite all the years I have been living in England from time to time I still hear expressions that are new to me. In a recent conversation someone mentioned the expression: ‘He topped his wife’. The equivalent in German would be: ‘Er hat seine Frau um die Ecke gebracht’.  In British English the verb to […]

English Slang: Monging out

The other day at work my colleague, the youngest one in my office and still a teenager, was talking about the weekend and mentioned the term “monging out” which I had never heard before. My linguistic interest was immediately awakened and I asked what it meant – though I guessed it more or less from […]

Rare words I

In a recent meeting my boss uttered the phrase “… to put the kibosh on it …” As I had never come accross the word kibosh (or kybosh) before I asked what it meant and what its origins were, causing a lively discussion to ensue. One doesn’t hear this expression often these days, or at […]

Prison Slang

I am currently working in one of her majesty’s prisons and so I hear or read a number of colloquial expressions that are particularly used in this context. Some of them I didn’t know before. The language in such an environment can be pretty blunt. Here is a small list of expressions together with their […]