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Shenanigans, Schenigeleien and Schwindeleien

Recently, Fausto Guidice asked the German translators of Tlaxcala whether one could translate shenanigans with Schenigeleien instead of Schwindeleien or whether this word would mean nothing for most readers. On that occasion he has also taken us on a linguistic-cultural excursion. In the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the definition of shenanigans is thus: 1 secret […]

English Slang: Monging out

The other day at work my colleague, the youngest one in my office and still a teenager, was talking about the weekend and mentioned the term “monging out” which I had never heard before. My linguistic interest was immediately awakened and I asked what it meant – though I guessed it more or less from […]


Today I proofread an article on a topic which I hitherto I didn’t know anything about and I learnt some very interesting things doing that. Occasionally I proof articles for Tlaxcala, which were translated from German into English, as we are lacking native speakers of English who can translate from other languages. The article is […]