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Translation of a video script for CBG

Occasionally I do translations – on a voluntary basis – for the Coalition against Bayer Dangers (CBG), a campaign group that has been watching the powerful chemical corporation Bayer since 1982, fighting for environmental protection and work place safety. I mostly translate press information from German into English as the topics are of considerable international […]

Crossing the language barrier: Activist Translation

On the weekend of 8-9 October 2011 the Rebellious Media Conference will take place with Noam Chomsky as the keynote speaker on Saturday morning. I will be running a small participative workshop titled “Crossing the Language Barrier: Activist Translation“. This is what the website blurb says about the workshop: Politically engaged translators and interpreters provide […]

English slang: to top someone

Despite all the years I have been living in England from time to time I still hear expressions that are new to me. In a recent conversation someone mentioned the expression: ‘He topped his wife’. The equivalent in German would be: ‘Er hat seine Frau um die Ecke gebracht’.  In British English the verb to […]