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Dumping rates

Recently I was contacted by an Indian translation agency with a job offer. This agency had contacted me a while ago, but I was on holiday in Germany. The project manager said in his email that the client had a large volume of work and needed good quality. I asked to view the source text […]

The Effectiveness of different marketing approaches

When there is a lull in the workload of a freelancer, this offers a good opportunity to use it for a bit of marketing. This is exactly what I did. And unlike my previous marketing efforts, where I put together a list of translation agencies and wrote to them hoping for the best, I chose […]

I recently completed my biggest project so far: the translation of a complete website for a provider of online backup services. It was a really interesting project as it provided a nice variety of text types, placing very different demands on a translator. The marketing text provided a lovely chance to be a little bit […]