Welcome to Decode Translations.

Your partner for professional English to German translations.

Decode Translations – that’s me: Susanne Schuster, freelance translator. For as long as I can remember I have loved the written word. So it is only logical that I landed there professionally – after a few diversions. Every new day I am delighted about that.

Whether marketing texts, press releases, market research studies, business reports, texts on social change, political and economic development and much more: I will transform your challenging English source text into a perfect, punchy German text. My working style is characterised by commitment, thoroughness, professionalism and reliability.

I love translating and I am hugely fascinated by the endless possibilities offered by language and human communication. You can read about my thoughts and observations on this in my blog about language and translation.

A more just and peaceful world is a matter very close to my heart. That’s why I contribute to various critical websites voluntarily. I publish my translated articles as well as my own texts in German on my blog Miss Ubuntu and in English here. I am also an active user of social and professional networks. You can view my profile on Linkedin or my bookmarks on Delicious.

And that is how we should view every translator, as someone who endeavours to mediate in this great intellectual commerce, making it his business to promote the interchange. For say what one will about the shortcomings of translation, it is and will remain one of the most important and most worthy concerns in the whole of world affairs.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe